Watch the Cities in Space Micro Challenge for Young Pioneers™ Presentation and Awards Event!

Watch the Footprint Micro Challenge™ Winner Announcement and Event HERE!

About STEAMSPACE Academy

Welcome to STEAMSPACE Academy™

Here, at the Academy we  have one word that stands out in front of the rest: ENGAGEMENT

Our mission at STEAMSPACE is all about inclusion, community, and inspiring all young minds on the roads they can take to the stars.

By collaborating with scientists, entrepreneurs, universities, rocket companies, governmental agencies all in the realms of Space and Space Science, our students can learn what they need to know about what their cosmic path will be when entering the world of STEM and STEAM.

Did we say STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)? Why Yes! We did! Not only will we offer engagement with professionals who are active in the STEM and Space fields, but also, we will introduce many aspects of art and design to our young community.

This year, all of our Academy events and opportunities are FREE. YES, FREE. We want to support our global community in this trying time of education during the pandemic. Together we are better and can better reach for the stars!

What we have to offer!

Micro Challenges

For Phase 1 of our Academy, STEAMSPACE will be offering several Cities in Space® Micro Challenges™.  These challenges will run 5 to 8 weeks and be short, virtual, global collaboration competitions. One example of these Micro Challenges is our FOOTPRINT  Micro Challenge hosted by STEAMSPACE Academy, The Natural Science and Environmental Justice Department, at Huston Tillotson University    and The Dumpster Project.  This challenge includes weekly mentoring meetings for participating teams with STEAMSPACE and students, instructors, and Founders for HT and The Dumpster Project. The challenge ends with announcements of winners and the distribution of Micro Challenge patches, certificates, and awards. Winning teams will also be included in our Academy library for future student use.

Stellar Spotlights

Each month STEAMSPACE Academy will host an evening Stellar Spotlight virtually hosting a professional in the Space Industry. These virtual events will be one hour long and though the event is free, registration is required. Students and teachers will be given the link prior to the evening event. This event will include a brief talk by the guest telling their story and what they do to support space and living off world. The remainder of the Spotlight will be a Question & Answer format to students.


Throughout the school year STEAMSPACE Academy will share out events and collaborative opportunities to Academy students. Why? Well, we love what we do at STEAMSPACE but we also love what others are doing! This way, our student community can see what other opportunities for education, experimentation and growth are out there in the world of space and space settlement!

One example of this is a collaboration between Enterprise in Space  (EIS), Janet’s Planet, and SpaceWorks.