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Cities in Space Micro Challenge™ for Young Pioneers Overview
Welcome to the Cities in Space Micro Challenge for Young Pioneers!
Urooj Seemeen
Cities in Space Micro Challenge™ Ambassador

Cities in Space Micro Challenge™ Judges

Morgan irons
Deep Space Ecology
Tapaswini Sharma

Junior Ambassador at Jacques Rougerie Foundation

Member of YOUNGO, NSS, AIAA and Alliance for Space Development.

Campus Ambassador Intern at IMUN.

Natally Mendez STEM/STEAM Educator
Shawn Case Enterprise in Space
Janet Ivey Janet's Planet
Rachael Tillman Viking Mars Missions Education and Preservation Project
Jeff Smith Ball Aerospace

Cities in Space Micro Challenge for Young Pioneers

Registration Opens December 6, 2021
Presentations Due February 3, 2022
Cities in Space Micro Challenge Virtual Event February 17, 2022, 9:30am to 11:30am CST
Judging Professional judges will be reviewing the student's work.
Age Eligibility 3rd through 4th Grades
Suggested team size 2 - 10 members
Capacity Registration is limited.
Presentation length Presentations should be at minimum 7 minutes in length and at maximum 10 minutes in length.
Presentation parameters Young Pioneer Teams may choose between 3 choices for location: Mars; the Moon or Free Space.
Additional Requirements
Colonies are based upon a settling human population of 1,000 people with the understanding that this colony is focused on sustainability and growth.
Presentations may be uploaded in the form of video with students talking us through their design (examples of software suggestions below) or students showing us a hand built construction piece with physical materials and discussion by students on that design.
As you choose your location please make sure to research the environment, requirements, and data, on your chosen location and incorporate the appropriate challenges your colony will face in your constructed model or video presentation.
When giving your presentation please include your location, why you chose that location, and what issues you chose to dedicate their time to solving for the long-term success of a colony. Some examples of this could be how to grow food, manufacturing of goods and textiles, energy and creating a 100% recyclable community. Other issues could be how to create and sustain a rich civilization in the new frontier such as the arts, education, and sports.
The challenge ends with announcements of winners and the distribution of Micro Challenge patches, certificates, and awards.
Winning teams will be included in our Academy library for future student use.
Registration Opens

Students will create their own thriving, off-world settlement on the moon, Mars, or in free space.

STEAMSPACE™ is dedicated to opening the space frontier, in our lifetimes, to everyone. Beyond the boundaries of race, gender, ideological and socioeconomic difference, STEAMSPACE Education Outreach™ believes in opening this new path to any and all who would like to go. In order to be prepared for the world of free space and settlement, the human race must consider what to do once the traveling is over and we have arrived.

Our Cities in Space Micro Competition provides a challenging opportunity for young minds to explore all aspects of colony design and development while also learning leadership skills that support collaboration, presentation, and empathy promoting our collective future in space.

Space settlement on other planets, the Moon, and in free space will require a broad array of skills and resources but eventually, humans will be born in these colonies and the human race will thrive and multiply in new environments alive with broader cultures, science, and ideologies than seen here on Earth.

In support of STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Education and Project Based Learning, the Micro Cities in Space® Challenge is aimed at creating a structure that can enable the human race to survive and thrive into a new civilization in space. As a supporter of Project Based Learning and Social and Emotional Learning, we celebrate diversity and encourage teams to fully explore their choice for presentation topic. Focusing on culture and ideology, preservation of history, architecture or the pursuit of the arts for a thriving colony are completely acceptable topics.

About our Partners
Enterprise in Space

The mission of Enterprise In Space (EIS) is to motivate students everywhere to reach for the stars.

Janet’s Planet

Janet Ivey, creator of Janet’s Planet, is committed to enriching the lives of children via education and live performances, TV, and online programming.

With over 25 years in children's entertainment and education, Janet has captivated Nashville and beyond with her work.

She has received 12 Regional Emmys and five Gracie Awards for her children’s series Janet’s Planet that airs on 140+ public television stations nationwide.

Janet has won a  STEM-FLORIDA Award for the  “Exploring Microgravity,” an educational video about gravity and microgravity that she wrote and produced for Space Florida.

This dynamic and fast-paced series is geared to 7-12 year olds and focuses on science, space, history and health. The short form series can be seen on public television stations nationwide, as well as KTV (Kids and Teen Television), YouTube, BatteryPop, Club Jelly Telly, AmebaTV, and HighBrow in the UK, and the Children’s Television Network.

E-services and Technologies

E-services and Technologies is a technology-driven educational services organization which develops, employs, and manages quality projects and programs in the field of education. Our focus is to bring quality international educational opportunities to Pakistan and to support and develop local educational opportunities /Institutions.

We believe in Child-Led learning and promote new innovative ways and best practices in teaching and learning that are beyond the formal education system. Our program includes but not limited to DI Education Experience, Wonder Workshop, Early Education Trainings, Electronics and Robotics Workshops, Programming Workshops, STEAM Clubs, Leadership training, Positive Parenting Training and academic initiatives that benefit students, educators, school leaders and families.

We have Successfully participated & organized educational workshops, training & competitions on DI & Robotics in UAE and Qatar.

Partnering as affiliates of "Destination Imagination USA in Pakistan". We intend to focus on developing and harnessing the immense potential of our Pakistani youth through participation and partnering of schools, colleges and universities in local and international training and development workshops and competitions.

Heartfelt thanks to Ball Aerospace for supporting our awards year after year.
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